The Wandering Albatross

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What Happens If Guide (WHIG)

I am someone with a curious mind, I like to know where things have come from and why.

I often think, what would happen if I was the last person on the planet, or if all the people or technology from a certain area where lost or removed, how would we know how to do something.

As such, over the years I have found out how to do a number of things just to answer my own questions.

The WHI (What Happens If) guide has been sitting in my head for years, so I decided to write it down just in case there were others out there that might like these questions answered also.

The guide covers everything from survival techniques, to knowing how to create and craft things. It will take me some time to document what I have learnt, but I would welcome people’s ideas if they feel something is missing. Please leave me a post if something does not makes sense or you think I should add another section.

To note, I am not a survival expert, nor a medical professional. The things stated here are my own rambling curiosities. You should always get professional advice.

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