Ever since I saw David Attenborough kneeling next to a white, small, or should I say rather a large, baby albatross, I have wanted to see one and get up close.

It has meant I have wanted to travel and explore the world to see what else is out there.

Please support the RSPB: Save the Albatross Campaign. They are a wonderful charity, helping many more animals and environments than just birds.

In many cases birds can be part of the higher levels of the food chain and show the plight of the smaller animals which they feed on. If birds decline, it is extremely likely that there is something wrong at the lower levels.

“The albatross family is becoming threatened faster than any other family of birds. Seventeen of the 22 species of albatross are globally threatened with extinction, an increase from just seven in 1994.”

We have a responsibility to care for all living things. Don’t just think about it, do something!