The Wandering Albatross

I glide from country to country

Why van life?

I think this picture says it all, and if it doesn’t to you, then van life is probably not for you!

The major reasons it is for me:

  • Freedom – I love to just pack up and go and not have to worry about what I leave behind
  • Spontaneity – I can just pack up and go whenever I want without worrying about booking things
  • Peace – I can get away from the rat race, go somewhere without other people, listen to waves instead of traffic noise, and just really have my own space
  • Travel – I get to do a tonne of it! Yes it costs to maintain the vehicle and fuel, but no where as much as hotels and plane journeys.
  • Practicality – you take your home with you! Also, if I have been out walking, canoeing, in the sea etc, I can come back have a shower, get walk, make myself some grub without having to trudge back to a hotel or home
  • Being outside – I love waking up hearing the birds, listening to the sea or hearing the rain on the roof
  • Space to create – I love learning, design and creating things. Building a custom van let’s me do all of this and I can even take my hobbies with me. I will also use my van at events
  • Being realistic – I understand the limitations and things that might frustrate me. So I make sure I avoid these where possible
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