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What van should I get?!

Ok, this is the biggy. After this you are limited by your first decision.

As I research I will update this page with the things I find that I believe will help to make the decision.

I think this process is actually one where you start at the end and work backwards.

Some of the things I need to find out to make my decision about my van:

1. What is the maximum payload weight I will need to carry? (I will explain payload weights as part of answering this question). This will basically answer what I will be able to use the van for.

2. Where do I want to take the van?

3. What are the laws about driving a van in the UK?

4. What configuration do I want in the van?

5. Do I want to be able to stand up in the van?

I will link the above to the relevant pages when I have started to figure these things out 😁

Come back soon!

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